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Add comfort and value to your home with a home remodel.

One of the simplest ways to refresh your home is by giving it a new set of paint. Interior and exterior paint jobs can change the look and feel overnight, not to mention can be done in a low-cost, eco-friendly manner.

We can all use a little makeover every now and then and your home is no different. A high-quality paint job will increase the value of your home and give it that aesthetic enhancement it needs, but it’s important that the right tools and proper techniques are used. It’s important to consider as well the environment around your home. Coastal homes in Southern California, for example, may have different paint requirements than those in the foothills.

In addition, We specialize in eco-friendly and non-toxic paints that provide key benefits for not just the health of your home and the air you breathe, but protect the safety of your family and the environment. Positive impacts of using eco-friendly and non-toxic paints include;

There are many reasons why homeowners are looking for ways to expand their existing home. Additions and extensions are often necessary as families grow, guest space is needed, or maybe you have fantasized of having a sun-room and now is finally the time. An addition or extension is a great way to expedite those beautiful California views without having to put your house on the market. It’s also an incredible investment for the future if and when you do decide to sell. An addition or extension can have a major, positive impact on your homes value. Not to mention, it’s a great way to make your home uniquely yours.
Have you ever overheard someone talking about their home renovations, or the sunroom they’re adding and thought to yourself; “Wow, must be nice to afford that.” Have we got good news for you!

It’s a myth that an addition or extension is unaffordable. In fact, so long as your project is completed by an experienced contractor who specializes in additions, an addition or extension is very affordable. Partnering with an experienced contractor who is educated in safety regulations and code requirements can save you time and money in the long run, all while assisting in the creation of a beautiful and timeless addition.
While we always do our best to avoid any hiccups, we are prepared for any curve balls thrown our way. Our professional team knows how to handle any plumbing, structural, and electrical issues without sacrificing the quality, safety, and budget or your addition or extension.




Traditional home styles are inspired by the past, but that doesn’t mean a traditional home has to look outdated. Instead of dated, think classic. Traditional styling combine practicality and functionality with eye-catching elegance and luxurious comfort. When you walk into a home that’s been remodeled and styled traditionally, you should automatically feel welcomed by the warmth of soft edges and greeted by perfect symmetry and balance. Traditional styling pair rich wood tones (like cherry, walnut and oak) with decorative elements that make a soft and graceful statement. Ornate crown moldings and heavy trim make for a classically sophisticated look. In the kitchen, you’ll find features such as apron-front sinks, decorative range hoods and legs added to the island. Bathroom plumbing fixtures are made from soft-toned metals like copper, bronze or brass, and the light fixtures

are lush and decorative.

Transitional styling is a combination of Traditional sophistication and Contemporary simplicity. It combines luxury with minimalism to create a home that radiates tranquility. Think streamlined spaces with comfort and warmth. These spaces aren’t too formal or overly frilly, yet they aren’t completely comprised of clean profiles or straight edges. For example, a transitional kitchen might combine a paneled cabinet with more simplistic hardware. You might find shiny stainless-steel appliances resting on a darker-stained hardwood floor. Transitional style is all about finding that balance between something classic and something a little more humble – it’s the best of both worlds. Colors are inviting and neutral and patterns are discreet in order to create a true place of peacefulness. Instead of using eye-catching colors, textures are relied upon to create visual interest. Transitional style uses a mixture of matte and polished finishes as well as leather furniture, wooden frames and other tactile materials and features. Clean lines mixed with a pinch of luxury and ornate styling create a soothing and serene transitional home.

Contemporary styling truly embodies the “less is more” mantra. With strong, simple lines and minimal accessories, a contemporary look focuses more on the space than what adorns it. For example, you won’t see traditional curves or extravagantly scalloped trim work in a contemporary home – think smooth profiles, lines, planes and sharp angles. This look is all about celebrating the space with natural light, simple geometric forms and unadorned floors. Popular flooring options for a contemporary-styled home include bamboo, stone or ceramic tile. In this type of home, emphasis is placed on strong architecture and statement pieces such as modern chandeliers and oversized artwork. And even though contemporary style is more minimalistic, it isn’t without its glitz. Kitchen and bath fixtures shine via polished metals like chrome, steel and glass. The contemporary style is perfect for those who yearn for an open and airy home, organization and very little fuss.

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The bathroom is a sanctuary in your home – a space for you, your privacy, primping and even relaxation. Remodeling this space, be it a master bath, hallway bathroom, or powder room, usually increases your quality of life and also your home’s value.
Will your new bathroom exceed your expectations as a beautiful and functional space? It had better! Choosing the right company to remodel a room in your home is a decision you must make carefully and thoughtfully. Unlike buying a car, you cannot test drive a set of blueprints and renderings.
We invite you to ask questions, research ideas online and schedule a free in-person consultation. You should feel confident in the lasting quality of our work and comfortable with the working relationship we will share while designing and building you the most gorgeous bathroom in the neighborhood!

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In southern California, we enjoy some of the finest weather in the country! With temperate winters and beautiful summers, an outdoor living space gives you a unique retreat to prepare meals in your outdoor kitchen, relax and dine alfresco, or simply sit back and watch the kids enjoy the new swimming pool.
Let the creative designers at KNR Design-Build help your dreams become reality with outdoor living to fit your home and lifestyle, from simple patio covers to large roofed structures hosting a fireplace for the serious outdoor entertainers. The KNR team of talented designers and artisans will work with you to create a beautiful outdoor haven that extends your lifestyle to the outdoors.




We deal with all aspects of the ADA renovations for residential and commercial projects. From stair lifts to wheelchair ramps to full ADA renovations inside and outside your home or business. We not only hold multiple state licenses in: general contracting, electrical, and D-21 disability lifts of all types, we have the experience to back it all up. We can and have done remodels for clients that range from a simple lift installs, to complete ADA renovations. We work with veterans groups and many other clients to help them adjust to a new home or injury. We work with the top manufacturers to develop the right setup for any client or situation.

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Control the quality, consistency, and cost of your commercial building services

Whether you manage a small office building, a corporate campus, or an office park, you know the importance (and the hassles) of achieving quality building maintenance. When everything works as expected, you and your occupants can feel a little more comfortable in your space. When chosen to handle your commercial property maintenance, KNR specializes in taking care of every square foot of your property. As a single source of expertise, our well-trained and experienced team will perform the services you need, exceeding your expectations and freeing you to focus on your business.

Let our team of experts take care of your next project. Call us today and let’s get started!

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